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Conventional wisdom states that retail success depends heavily on store traffic. Retailers use various
traffic generation strategies to attract as many consumers as possible into their outlets. While inside,
shoppers are enticed to penetrate deep into the store and to pass as many locations as possible.

Various in‐store stimuli (such as layout designs, merchandising, pricing, staffing and in‐store
promotions) are used to arouse shoppers’ interest and their movements inside a store. Unfortunately,
retail customer traffic has declined due to factors beyond the store operator’s control (e.g. longer
security lines, high cost perception of buying at Airport, economic limitations, liquid bans…) and these
issues translate into lost sales opportunities.

As a result, the topic of converting passengers into buyers has become an area of growing interest in
Duty Free Airport retailing. As store penetration and conversion rates are proven to contribute to
overall store performance, retailers need to invest in a creative alternative as to how to generate
additional sales opportunities.

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